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About the Farmers

Jim White

Grew up on a dairy farm in England.  He qualified as an Agricultural Engineer from Oxford.  Jim worked in partnership with his brother for 20 years doing custom farm work of silaging, baling, ploughing and seeding operations.  They raised beef cattle for 10 years.


Jim met Jo and her three children in 2002, they married in ’03 and had four more children together.  They fostered nine other children over a two-and-a-half-year period as a Saskatchewan Foster Family.

Jo White

Grew up as a city girl.  She originally qualified in science, and worked as a lab technician, in medical communications and as a college lecturer in England, in between babies.  In Canada she taught grade school, in between babies, and enjoyed a short stint in Waldorf Steiner teaching.


She met Jim, who took the girl out of the city, and the city out of the girl!

Ambitious Adventures in Organic Farming 

Buckle up for this barrel of laughs, Jo has gone ahead and written a book!

The perfect read for anyone who has ever farmed or is interested in the hilarious and not-so-hilarious reality of what it takes to get their food from "farm to table."

Jo and Jimmy White immigrated to Canada from England with high hopes and big dreams for their new farm… but as any farmer would know, nothing ever goes as planned.

Follow Jo as she shares her ambitious adventures in organic farming in rural Saskatchewan, Canada – humorous, heart-warming, sometimes heart-breaking, and very real stories – describing the joys and successes of learning to live with and off the land, along with the many goofs, gaffs, and disasters encountered along the way.

From hatching heritage poultry to all night vigils through calving and lambing season to driving cross-country with armfuls of lilies tied to a pram on the back of a pick-up truck, the adventures Jo and Jimmy have undertaken are nothing short of entertaining (sometimes baffling) and most definitely ambitious!


Or get your very own signed copy from Jo at Regina and Regina Beach Farmers Markets!

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